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The Adventure Begins – 58 days and counting

by Lydia

It still surprises me that these amazing kids are coming to stay with us this summer. I mean, I don’t think I ever really imagined anything like this ever happening… not really. Chris and I have been married for 18 years. We have no kids. But, here we go, hosting 2 Latvian orphan pre-teen/teenagers! I don’t even know what 13 year old boys like to do for fun!

Often Chris and I will look at each other and ask, “What did we do?” What have we gotten ourselves into? But those questions are always asked with a smile. We are excited and can’t wait to see what God is going to do with the four of us this summer.

Donations have begun to come in and we are SO THANKFUL for EVERY DOLLAR that people are giving! We are responsible to pay for all of their travel and needs to get them here, as well as while they are here. The price just to get them both here, along with other fees like insurance and home safety checks and such, is $5800 for the two of them, plus some additional airfare to get them from New York to Texas. They had a $1000 scholarship (money someone else donated to help them get hosted – THANK YOU!!), and we have put down the initial deposit on them ($1100). We’re estimating we still need about $4500. We know we don’t have it, but we also know that God has so obviously moved us to do this. In fact, we said, “No!” twice already. God is persistent. So, here we are.

Tax-deductible donations can be made through our fundraising site, found HERE. If you don’t like donating over the internet, let me know and I can get you alternative options. Also, please feel free to share the news!

For those of you in Tyler, TX, we’ll also be having some local fund-raisers, like selling some awesome Latvia t-shirts. And, I’m always open to selling homemade cookies and cheesecakes. Just contact me!!!

Another day I will tell you about the amazing way that God has orchestrated the meeting of us with these children. Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself.

Please keep us in your prayers and we set out on this journey. There is a New Horizon for Kristaps and Dita, as well as for us, I’m sure.

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