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They’re Here!!!!

by Lydia

K & D are here!!! I can hardly believe it! Everything went so well last night. Their plane got in about 25mins early, and the group of us there to meet the 5 kids flying in were all assembled and waiting for them!! You’re never sure how people will The 4 of us at DFW!react when they first meet you, especially from a country that is not as social, like Latvia. Once K & D saw their names on our posters, they headed straight for us and K gave me a big hug. :-) We also found out they don’t speak any English and only understand a little. They like to laugh at our Latvian (whether it is that bad, or if it’s just that we speak some at all), and blessed us by bringing a gift for us! I did NOT expect that!

Once we got out of the airport (around 10:15 or so), the kids were asleep in the back of the car within 10 mins. They slept most of the way home, as well. After exploring their room and the apartment (and declaring their room to be “very cool”), they hit the sack around 1am. It’s 8am now and they’re both still out. :-)

Thank you to everyone who has helped us, prayed for us, and stood with us on this journey!!!! Get ready, it’s really only just begun!

Tomorrow is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Lydia

We are SOOO excited!! The kids arrive TOMORROW!  They should be taking off from Riga in about 4 hours!!! Please be praying for them, for safe flights, for ease at customs, and against motion sickness! (Rumor is, D gets car sick. Oh boy!) They should be arriving at DFW in 24 hours… so excited!!!!

We wanted to let you know, as well, that there is a strict guideline while the kids are here that we need everyone to help us with. There is to be NO discussion, mentioning, or eluding to adoption. New Horizons for Children is not an adoption agency. The last thing we want is to get the kids’ hopes up about being adopted and only to have that not come to pass. So, especially for those of you in East Texas,  the “A” word is to be considered a “four-letter-word,” especially while the kids are here. Thanks for your understanding.

Their room is ready (pics to come), welcome posters are being made, I have taken the next 5 weeks off of work to be with them (It really helps that Chris started a new full-time job this week), and we have more food in our house than I know where to put. I think… I think…. I THINK… we’re ready!!!

Time Grows Short

by Lydia

It’s 8:30pm in our home this evening. Two weeks from now we’ll be in the car on our way to the airport in Dallas to pick up K & D. If I really stop and think about that, I start to panic, but otherwise, we are more excited than I can explain.

The past week has been spent on reorganizing our entire home! Our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment is about to double in occupancy, and those new occupants need space! It’s been a challenge to find creative storage space in our home and make room for these two precious kids coming into our lives… in just 2 weeks!

We will attend an orientation/training day on Sunday. This will be a time for us to ask questions, meet other families in our area who are hosting, and get some pointers for our adventure this summer!

We have raised all the money we needed to bring K & D to the US this summer, praise the Lord!!! Thank you so much for YOUR part in this, as well! We can’t tell you how blessed we feel! Yesterday we were able to secure a dentist who is willing to donate the kids’ dental work, as well! Amazing!

Some have asked us what else we need for the kids. Right now, any additional donations are going toward things we need to buy for the kids (like clothes and such) or for fun things (like a trip to the zoo). If you’d still like to be a part of this, contact me concerning how to go about this.

Two weeks!!! Two months, ago this was a dream, a wish. Soon it will be complete reality.

3 weeks and counting!

by Lydia

3 weeks from right now, we’ll be on our way to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport to pick up the kids!! I never imagined I’d be this excited to meet someone I have never met. Ha! But, I know God has some interesting things in mind for this summer, so I’m sure it will be an interesting time!

The big plans for this weekend… starting to set up their room!!!!

Just a reminder about t-shirts – deadline to place an order is this Sunday night! Use the link at the top of the blog page to order.

Also, in a strange turn of events, we’re now taking orders for the same shirt, but with the Ukraine as the map, in addition to the Latvia shirts. Some online friends asked if we could get them, so we’re trying to put together an order. We NEED to have 7 more orders for the male design to be able to place the order at all, so if you’re interested in the Ukraine and would like a Ukraine shirt, let me know ASAP! Remember, for all the designs, we now have kids sizes, too, down to a youth XS, so get them for the whole family! Just as a refresher, if you want Latvia shirts, use the link. If you want Ukraine shirts, contact me, but send no money until we know if we’ll be placing the order. :-)


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