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Graduation Day

by Lydia

The thought of graduating is usually a joyous one. It’s a time to celebrate a great accomplishment and to begin launching into a new phase of life. It’s often a time that we are encouraged to live our dreams, and one where we look back and thank those who have helped us along the way.

August 31 is Graduation Day in many Eastern European countries.

But it’s not a joyous day. It’s a day filled with fear and dread.

See, it’s a different kind of graduation. It’s the day when children, aged 16-18 (depending on the country and circumstances) graduate from the orphanage they’ve been living in. They pack their few belongings, hug their friends, and walk out the door. They’re expected to make a way for themselves, with no training, little education, little to no money, no place to live, and no hope. They have no family to fall back on or to encourage them in their journey. And at this point, they are no longer even eligible to be adopted.

It’s a day of true loneliness.

The statistics are bleak.

“After leaving the care of the state orphanage system, 30% of the children become vagrants, 20% become criminals and 10% commit suicide. Only 40% go on to live some kind of ‘normal’ life.” (Source: Adopting in Russia by Irina M. O’Rear, p. 45). Other countries have reported things like 70-80% will turn to crime or become victims of the sex trade, or that close to 50% of these will die before turning 21, many at their own hand.

Today is a day to pray. By the time most of us wake up in the morning (in the USA), it will be afternoon in eastern Europe, and the long, graduation walk will have begun.

So what can we do?

1. Please pray for these children. Pray also for those for whom it is not too late, that they will be chosen and given a home, and pray for those walking the road to changing the future for just one or two of these precious kids (including us!). Pray for a miracle.

2. Consider at least hosting an orphan child. Contact New Horizons for Children and see how you could be a part of changing a child’s life, even if only for a few weeks. These kids learn so much in such a short time… they learn about family, and see that the violence isn’t the only way to solve a problem. They experience love and the joy of actually being chosen. They are exposed to the Gospel and given hope, for many, for the first time in their life. And then, stay open to how God may have you be a part of their lives in the future.

3. Help us bring two of these precious children to the US this Christmas, with the chance of finding a forever family of their own. We are still raising funds to bring N & A to America for Christmas, with the hope of us becoming their forever family. We can’t do this on our own, but if many come together, we can possibly give them best Christmas gift ever. You can make a donation to the cause by clicking here. Or, if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please contact me for details.

Graduation Day. Please remember the least of these.


by Lydia

Well, that’s what happens when you post in super excitement. LOL! We’re NOT hosting them in the summer, we’re hosting the girls at CHRISTMAS! Just 16 weeks (or so) away! The picture was taken by the family that hosted them this past summer. Yikes. Anyway, that’s where we are. Sorry for that confusion!


A New Chapter

by Lydia

Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! Oh my goodness. Since we have begun down the adoption road (with the future in mind), the week has been spent with MOUNDS of paperwork, just to get started! I feel badly for all the trees that will be sacrificed for this venture… but not too badly. :-) Because I have serious OCD tendencies, I’ve been keeping detailed lists of all of our receipts, but also a count of how many pieces of paper we’re sending off to various agencies to fulfill the requirements set forth. We’re up to about 50 pages completed so far, and we’re just getting started. Whew!

In the meantime, we’re also preparing to host the girls this Christmas. Our application for this has also been submitted (100% online, so no page count on that), and our next step is to submit our deposit. Since we’ve also been putting money toward the adoption process (the end total of which will be around $38,000), we’re officially launching our hosting fundraiser page! Our first goal is the $1100 deposit that will be due in about 2-3 weeks time. We hope to get it adjusted later, but at this time, donations on that page are not tax-deductible, but if that is a concern for you, please contact me and I can give you an alternative way to donate.

So go check it out, “like” it, and feel free to share it with your friends!

I can’t wait to be able to share pictures of these precious girls with you!!! We have received more and more and are so excited to share our hearts and our home with them this Christmas!


Weeks 4 & 5 and Departure

by Lydia

Many have commented on how we quit updating everyone on our adventure. Some assumed we were just enjoying life so much that there was no time. Others thought we just forgot. The tough reality is that life got progressively more difficult as we went on. K & D are kids with great hearts, but as we went on, we found that we were just not bonding and clicking like we had hoped, or needed to, in order to think long term.

I really struggled with this, as my heart just broke at the thought of these kids going back home and not getting the help and love that they needed and deserved. I really wrestled over if we should just go for it, in spite of the difficulty. We were so torn. But God had a plan.

Just as were were ready to throw in the proverbial towel, things took a drastic turn. One night, less than 48 hours before the kids left, our best friends came to us and ask what our plans were. When we said that we just didn’t see it happening for us, they asked for our blessing to go ahead and pursue making D & K a permanent addition to THEIR family! We gave them our whole-hearted blessing. God is amazing in His plans and ways.

As for us, we are somewhat back to square one, but we are not discouraged. (It was a rough day or two for us, just grieving the loss of our perceived future, but we’re bouncing back.) We have our eyes on 2 sisters who we’re hoping to bring to our home at Christmas! We’ve spoken to the family that hosted them this summer and have gotten all sorts of information about them, and I have to say, they sound like they would be an amazing fit for us. :-)

We do hope to adopt in the future, so even though we don’t know who our kids are yet, we are starting down the long road. We’ve submitted our application to our agency and are looking at homes, as our two bedroom apartment is quite tight with 4 people in it.

Thank you for your prayers, as we jump into this crazy world of foreign adoption! We’re looking forward to meeting the kids that God has for us and seeing what kind of crazy adventures he has in store for us!

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