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2 on 2/22 for 2!

by Lydia

Good morning! It’s 2 on 2/22 for 2! We’re asking you to consider helping our adoption with just $2 today (or, is that 2day?) on 2/22 for 2 amazing young girls! Suggestions for finding $2 include… in the center console of your car, under your couch cushions, in the vent trap of the dryer, or floating around in the bottom of your purse. So, go to to donate your $2! Send it to the address lydiabischoff (at) gmail (dot) com. (If you mark it as a gift, no fees will be taken out and we’ll receive the whole $2!) You do *not* have to have a paypal account to do this, just a visa or master card… and it’s available to most countries around the world, so all of our international friends, you’re included in the challenge! (And yes, you are free to give $2 for each girl if you want to. :-) )

Our dossier is in Latvia right now and in the process of being translated! The one thing we don’t want to happen is for the process to be held up because we don’t have the funds. We appreciate your interest in this adventure! So join with us and let’s get these girls home!

Hurry up… and wait!

by Lydia

If I’ve learned one thing during this adoption process it’s that things *never* go as they are expected. In our last post we mentioned how Chris was going to Austin to get the last of our paperwork apostilled so we could send our dossier to Latvia. Well, he did go, but of the 43 documents he took, they kicked 29 of them back to us. *sigh*  It’s a long story but there was a problem with our notary who notarized those 29 documents.

The next week was filled with redoing all 29 documents which included our doctor’s statements… not THAT big of a deal, except that my doctor was out for a week with a sick child and it was really difficult to get in to see her for her to sign the new forms. I am thankful that I work in an office with 5 or 6 notaries, and another one was able to notarize everything for me, and was even willing to go to my doctor’s office with me (in the pouring rain) to notarize those forms there. (You’re awesome, Martha!!)

Once those were all done, we sent them via FedEx back to Austin, but this time to an old friend there who took them to be apostilled the next day and sent them FedEx back to us. (Thanks, Waylan!) They arrived Friday and we reassembled our packet over the weekend, checking and triple-checking that everything was perfect.

Sunday evening we took the whole packet of 165 pages with us to our Life Group and the whole group prayed for us and our packet. We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends with us!!!

Monday morning found me dabbling in the FedEx world again. I found that 165 pages is really about all you can shove into a FedEx envelope. After packaging and rechecking, I shipped it off to a family I do not know in Pennsylvania. My new friend, Sue, and her family is leaving for Latvia on Saturday and volunteered to hand carry our dossier with them and put it directly into the hands of our lawyer. (That should save us about $150 and 4 days of anxiety.) I stalked our package all the way to PA (I’ve grown very fond of the FedEx Tracking app on my phone), and felt a sigh of relief earlier today when it was confirmed that it was delivered and Sue emailed to say she had it in hand. Now just to make it across the ocean and we’ll be back on track!

I recently read an article on this blog about why people give to adoption. This quote really hit me.

Orphans have a special kind of urgency; their childhood is at risk until they have a secure, nurturing environment to live in. They cannot just wait around until a willing family with sufficient resources can take them in, especially when the needs include medical treatment or accommodation for chronic disability. A candidate adoptive family could say, “We don’t have a comfortable surplus of resources right now, so it’s wiser for us to wait and save”, but each day of delay is a day lost for an orphan that will never come back.

We cannot do this on our own, nor can we let these children go on without a family until we have saved enough money on our own to bring them home. Please continue to pray with us concerning this, and if the Lord lays it on your heart to join with us, we would appreciate it! We have options on how you can make a tax-deductible contribution. We currently have 3% of our next goal met. This goal is for our actual trip to go get the children from Latvia; for plane tickets and court fees and housing while there.

Thank you so much for your interest, prayers, and support!

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