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We’re Going to Latvia!!!!

by Lydia

Wow, it’s been a busy week! Let’s see…

Thursday, April 18th, just a few hours before we were set to leave for the airport to greet our friends and their new Latvian kids, Chris and I checked our email… and to our great surprise, there was our referral! We had no idea it would come so quickly! In about a week’s time, the Ministry of Welfare approved us to adopt from their country, and they made it to the girls’ home to ask them if they would be willing to pursue adoption, AND THEY SAID YES!

The weekend through Monday was full of emails, documents and such. Then we began to (impatiently) wait for our travel dates. We were both constantly checking our email… waiting.

Last night we posted on our church Facebook page asking for prayer, that they would arrive today (Friday). Maybe that was a selfish prayer, but I wasn’t sure how I’d make it all weekend with this hanging over my head. Well… this morning, at 8:30am, I received an email and quickly called Chris at his work to tell him that…


The rest of my day was a blur of excitement, floating, and being really really freaked out!

We’re now in the process of getting some airline quotes and booking some places to stay in Latvia (a mix of apartment renting and staying with some friends…). As of right now, it’s looking like we’ll be flying out on May 31 and coming back on June 29! We are beyond excited and are suddenly in panic mode to get everything done in time, as that is a short 5 weeks away. (I feel like a new mom who suddenly found out she was pregnant, and is due in 5 weeks!)

Pray with us, will you? Pray that the girls’ hearts stay open to us. Pray that God would guide (and we would follow) in this new adventure as parents of teens/pre-teens! Pray for perfect timing and arrangements for our trip. And pray for our finances. (We’re currently at 43%, and need at least $7325 come in over the next 4-5 weeks.)

Thanks for standing with us and walking this road with us!!!



by Chris

Adoption Announcement 2013

Check out some of the other adoption photos we took!

Big News & A New Look!

by Lydia

Progress!!! In our last post, we talked about how we were just stuck in a “holding pattern” of sorts. My fingerprints had been rejected, I had another appointment, but it was weeks away… on and on.

On March 27th we headed back to Dallas, nervous about how everything would transpire. Our immigration officer had told us the day before that she would be able to retrieve my prints from the computer system within an hour of them being taken, so she would be able to tell us if they were clear, or would be rejected again. The appointment was rough, and honestly, not promising. The lady was kind, but really struggled to get a good read on the fingers of one of my hands. (For those that don’t know, my hand is smaller and somewhat deformed from a birth defect.) She even called her supervisor over to try to get some better scans, which he did, but they were not very confident that the prints would be accepted. Fifteen minutes later we called our officer, and of course it was too early, so she couldn’t retrieve them yet. And then, radio silence. We called back no less than 5 or 6 times over the next few days, left messages, and no word. I was getting so anxious… if they didn’t approve my prints I just wanted to get on with whatever we would need to do next, but the “not hearing anything” was driving me batty.

On Monday after Easter, Chris finally got through to her… SUCCESS! My prints were accepted and we were approved! A flurry of e-mails followed and before we knew it, we were sending a scanned copy of our approval to our lawyer in Latvia! We have since been told that our dossier was submitted to the Ministry of Welfare in Latvia and they are reviewing it right now! We should hear something in the next 4-6 weeks (by mid-May) concerning our approval to adopt from Latvia, then if the girls agree to give us a shot, and then, our travel dates! Suddenly, we’re looking at the calendar wondering how we’ll get everything done before we need to go! It is likely that we will travel in early June! We are thrilled and excited, and in a bit of a panic… I guess this is what the 3rd trimester is like… nesting, anxious/excited, wondering how long it will be, mixed with a little bit of “will we be ready?” :-)

As you can see, we’ve got a new look going on, as well! We recently had some photos taken for our adoption announcements, and our new look is based off of our favorite one. A shout out to Danielle Engelhorn for a fun photo shoot!

We’re also announcing a new partnership. We have linked up with! This is a great organization that promotes adoption and also is able to receive donations on our behalf. If you’ve been looking for a tax-deductible way to give toward our adoption, this is it! (Our PayPal account can still receive donations as well, but is not tax deductible.) Check out our profile at AdoptTogether, and then spread the word! It says that we need $25,000 for our adoption… this is what we have left to raise to complete our adoption. But, before we go in June, we will need about $9000 to fund this stage of our journey. Please consider helping give these children one of the greatest gifts possible: a family.

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