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by Lydia

Wow, I just realized just how long it’s been since I bloggd! I’m so very sorry! Time in country totally got away from us as we bonded with the girls, and we ended up not having so much internet access.There’s no way I can recap everything that happened, but I’ll try to hit highlights.


Most of our days were filled with walks in the park, feeding the ducks, Uno & Monopoly games, blowing bubbles, and just getting to know each other. It’s a challenge to go from stranger to family in just 3 weeks.

Our last social worker visit went really well. Since N is over the age of 12, she was required to sign an official document saying she wanted to be adopted. A also had to verbally agree. The social worker said everything looked good and was happy to recommend that the girls be placed with us.


That weekend we took a road trip and went to Talsi, out west where we used to live. Our first day we did a ropes course which was a great bonding time, as it’s all about team work & trust. we also spent time with a lot of old friends and explored some of the other cities in the area. It was alot of fun showing the girls where we used to live and making that connection for them.



Before we knew it, it was time to head to court. we were a bit nervous, but everything went well and the court decided that that was, indeed, in the best interest of the girls to be adopted by us. JOY! EXCITEMENT! (And a little relief!)

The next few days were filled with visa interviews, last minute shopping, and finishing our countdown of days until we went home.

We decided to keep the girls up all night before the flight home, since we had to leave our apartment at 3am. It was a feat to accomplish. More Coke? Sure! Chocolate? Why not? Before we knew it, our taxi had arrived and we were on our way. The girls were troopers. A fell asleep on the way to the airport. Checking in went well, much my surprise. We’ve heard stories of ticket agents questioning the kids as to why they would leave, etc. Ours was smooth and fast, and they didn’t even ask for the papers they were supposed to ask for.


Riga to Frankfurt: 2 1/2 hours. We all slept some, but A was out before the plane took off.
2 hour layover. A slept on a bench & Chris had to carry her to our gate.
Frankfurt to Houston: 11 hours. N was awake the whole time. Crazy girl.
5 hour layover. Again, I was a bit nervous at immigration after stories I’ve heard. Once we finally got through the line, there were zero issues. Introduced the girls to Starbucks (nothing caffeinated for them!) N finally zonked out at our gate.
Houston to Tyler: 45 minutes. A stared out the window looking excitedly for the airport.

Friends! BaIoons! Hugs! Welcome home!

The girls loved exploring the house, seeing their rooms, looking at gifts left by our friends. They loved it all. (I loved checking out our bathroom that our friends finished while we were gone!) Our house was clean, our lawn mowed, notes of welcome spread around, and food in the fridge. We are blessed.

Sometimes jetlag works in your favor. Sunday morning we were up early enough to go to church. More hugs and welcomes.

Today Chris is off to work. A is awake but snuggled in my bed, and my teenager is sleeping, just as she should be. Normal family life.

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