The Adoption Journey of Chris and Lydia Bischoff

Four Weeks and Counting

by Lydia

Four weeks from right now, I should be in Latvia, for the LAST trip needed to finalize our adoption!!! We are all anxious and very ready to have this process completed! Chis and I have been working on this adoption for 14 months now, and the girls have been home for nearly 3 1/2 months. It’s an odd feeling, knowing they’re home, but it’s not really finished yet. Limbo is not a fun place to live.

But, 5 weeks from now we should already be on our return flight, probably in Houston going through immigration, waiting for the officer to slam his stamp on their passports and say, “Welcome Home.” :-)

And this part of the process will be finished!

But before we go, we have some things to take care of. Namely, we’re still raising money for the trip. We’re about $5785 shy of what we need… which when you think about it, it’s really amazing…. we started this journey needing about $40,000… and we’re down to just $5785?! God is so good!

We do have some fundraisers going on right now, and I’m embarrassed to say that one of then ends tomorrow (Tuesday)! (I just have not been able to get on here to update you! Grr!) But here’s the information!

This is a perfect time to get your early Christmas shopping started, and help us with our LAST trip to Latvia for our adoption! We have 2 opportunities for you right now. Pick your favorite, or shop both! And it’s all online! How does this help us? Both consultants are donating their profits to our Adoption Fund! Get your shopping done and help us at the same time!

1. Scentsy: What scents make your home feel like the holidays? Evergreen? Cinnamon? Cloves? Cider? Caramel? (My favorite scent right now is coconut lemongrass!) Do you love having candles but hate the smoke, the soot and worry about the flames? Here’s your answer! Scentsy has a wide range of scented wax and warming dishes. (Elegant, themed, and even wall plug-ins!) Today (Monday) there are some great deals going on, including some $5 plug-ins, which are so cute!!!!!

Go to then, at the top you’ll see a place to choose the Bischoff Adoption Party! How simple? (Order buy October 15 – yes, tomorrow) Thank you for your help, Tanya!

2. Tastefully Simple: Is easy, yummy food more you style? Got a party you need to take some food to, but you’re just not the creative type? Do you enjoy cooking but really just want something easy to make for dinner? Do you wish someone could meal plan for you and make sure you’ve got all you need, and include the simple recipes? Then you need to check this out! Beverages, breads, sauces, desserts, dips, soups, just to name a few things available! There’s even some yummy looking gluten free mixes available! Everything I’ve tried from Tastefully Simple has been delicious. Why not give it a try? Thank you, Katerina, for your help!

Getting hungry? Head to Fill up your virtual shoppung cart, and head to checkout. At the bottom right hand corner you can choose the host by searching for my name. Easy-peasy. (Order by November 2)

So there you go! Get some great scents for your home (and car and office and…) and plan your holiday menu at the same time! And help us finish our adoption! It’s a win/win! Also, everything can be shipped anywhere in the country!

If you have any questions, please let me know! (If you’re local to me, I have scent samples for Scentsy, so contact me!)

(And, as always, you can go to our page at the top and make a donation via PayPal! :-) )

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